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Green is the colour of money


With sustainability high on everyone’s agenda, more and more clubs are trying to minimise their environmental impact. It needn’t be difficult or expensive to make the changes that can benefit everyone; in fact, with energy bills on the rise, it can even save your club money.


Energy bills account for around 30% of the running costs of the typical sports club, with an average of £10,000 being spent each year on electricity alone. Making changes to increase your club’s environmental sustainability can reduce your energy bills by 10-20% – a saving that most clubs could really use.


To make it easier and simpler for clubs to work out how much they currently spend and identify ways to save on energy bills, Sport England has developed the Sustainable Clubs website. The site has an energy calculator that helps you build up a picture of how much energy your club uses and on what. You can then get over 70 ideas for how to cut your energy usage from Green Clubs, an interactive tool that demonstrates the impact of different actions. You can also find out about funding that might be available to your club for sustainability projects. Plus you can see whether renewable energy is right for your club, and read about how relevant legislation might have a bearing on your own club’s position.


If you’re interested in cutting your club’s energy bills while helping the environment, or wondering why it’s something you should consider, have a look at Sustainable Clubs. You might just save yourself a packet.